Clinical Pharmacist

Advanced Clinical Practitioners (or ACP)

Mr Sam Kingsley

Mr Sam Kingsley joins our team as a Company Director and ACP. He has a wealth of experience, both clinical and managerial in the provision of complex medical domiciliary care. He also undertakes a consultancy role for CQC, acting as their lead inspector in some cases. Mr Kingsley will be working alongside our GPs and Nurse Practitioners in both managing patients with long term conditions as well as those presenting with more acute episodes of illness.

First Contact Practitioner (FCP)

Mr Ranjish Kumaraswarmy

Mr Kumaraswarmy is a registered health practitioner with an expertise in Musculo-skeletal conditions . Having worked in secondary care (hospital based clinics) for many years he is now able to assess patients presenting to their GPs with joint or muscle problems. He is based at our Eldon Square site and uses ultrasound to help diagnose and treat patients.

As a “First Contact Practitioner” he is able to evaluate, examine and agree management plans for patients presenting with a Musculo-skeletal issue. He is also able to refer patients for prolonged courses of physiotherapy, as well as refer into secondary care for further imaging and orthopaedic/pain management review.

Pharmacy Technician – expanded role as of Summer 2023

Mr Edward Hill

Supports our clinical team by reviewing prescribing related requests & carrying out audit work. He is to undergo further training to assist in the management of Long Term Conditions.

Care Co-ordinators, Health & Well Being coaches and GP assistants are amongst other roles we are actively developing to support the unrelenting challenges faced by our front line clinicians.