Non-NHS Work & Fees

Please note: This practice does not take payment by card.

Some services provided are not covered under the NHS and therefore attract charges, these are generally based on the amount of work required to complete them. Please note an estimate of cost will be given once the clinician has reviewed the request.

Please note that the doctors in this practice no longer sign passports.


Medical Examinations

  • Insurance Medical Examination
  • HGV, Taxi, Pre-employment
  • Adoption/Foster Medical Examination
  • Court of Protection with Examination

Forms and Reports

  • GP Report (PMAR)
  • Supplementary Report (PMAR)
  • Private Medical Insurance Claim Form
  • Other Medical Insurance Claim Forms e.g. Mortgage Protection
  • Holiday Cancellation Forms
  • PP/Bupa Claim Forms
  • Ofsted Report
  • Court of Protection
  • Seat Belt Exemption/Elderly Driver
  • Police Force Medical Questionnaire
  • Power of Attorney
  • Extract from records
  • Typed Medical Reports without examination (providing detailed opinion and statement on condition – 30mins)
  • Internation Certificate of Vaccination


  • Fitness to Attend Gym/Exercise Class/Health
  • Fitness to Travel
  • Short letters e.g. Airline requests
  • Free from Infection/Fitness to Resume Studies
  • Private Sick Note
  • Private Prescription e.g. Anti-Malarials
  • Certificate of Negative HIV test result